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Our guides are trained to make your trip fantastic. They aren't just experts in riding,they live here and know this city.They have been to every corner of the city and give you up to date information.They also will provide you with essentials tips on using modern technology to capture the holiday images of a lifetime.All of them are native English speaking with certificate of Wilderness Advanced First Aid WAFA.They are able to handle any emergency situation.They will make your bicycle holidays extremly value and memerobale.


David was born and raised in shanghai. He studied his Food & Bervage bachelor’s degree in London for 4 years. His loves traveling and cycling- especially when it includes rich history and strange customs. He always seeks out the best hidden gems wherever they’ve made our base, and he enjoy sharing his discoveries with fellow travelers. He likes to push his spice level to the max(challenge him!)He will be sharing his love for all things spicy!

Jenny arrived in shanghai in 2004 and counts herself as one of the “shanghai expert”. She is half Shanghai and half Beijing and studied international trading for her bachelor’s degree. She has been active in the tourism industry for the last couple of years. And got her tour guide certificate 5 years ago. A cyclist at heart, she is very happy to be able to pursue her passion for cycling by introducing guests from all over the world the many layers and stories that make Shanghai culture and custom so fascinating and romantic.

She loves cycling trips, which has taken her racing the steps of the ancient water town in Suzhou & Hangzhou and shuffling through the back alleyways of Shanghai. She spent the next 8 years traveling and exploring all of the best scenic spots around Yangtze river delta especially in shanghai. She loves showing visitors how amazing Shanghai really can be.


Mike a local of shanghai that spent his whole life in Shanghai. He is a certified tour leader.

Mike always knew that his passion for biking was determined by DNA and that he would cycle around most of cities of china to explore the breathtaking scenery and hidden treasure. Beside cycling he is a glutton. He eats everything and he likes to push her spice level to the max. He can’t hold a conversation without talking about food and giving advice on where to find the best local snack in town.


Jack has been traveling the whole country since 2005 as a tourist guide and freelance. He spends his days scouring the city for new alleyway, night market, street food, bars, night clubs and much more. He still loves to find time to explore the diversity of traditional art gallery, too. Ask him about place to visit in China’s remote northwest.

Masha live in shanghai for many years and would love to guide people around the city.She love and regularly vistit the major museums and galleries.She also have done a lot of mini adventures into the surrounding parks and islands.She can be your guide,drinking buddy or simply answer any questions about shanghai.Through the guide-specific job,she know the basics of history (doing both bicycle - and walking tours)good routes,and how long they take.


He is from Suzhou and having spent most of the past decade in shanghai and dove straight into discovering the city’s best traditional culture and local food. His favorite food is Xiaolongbao and he is excited to share his food culture with visitors. Ask him what are the authentic snack and food of Shanghai?

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