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Team Building Activities
Bike China Tours offer corporate tours and team building events in Shanghai and surrounding areas (such as Suzhou,Hangzhou,Nanjing and so on).
These programs are custom made,so just drop us a line and we will set one up for you.
Bike China Tours team building activities are perfect chose for entertaining clients,celebrating achievements,parties,special events,camps,motivating emplyees.
The communication between each other is the basis of set up the team confidence.
In order to strengthen cohesion of team ability and through the activity make employee more familiar with the concept of enterprise and alleviate work fatigue.
We design the combination of presentation and activities to achieve the team building result.
Some activities are entertaining,others are about history story,and some are just about cycling adventure.
When a group of employees realize they can work together outside the workplace,they learn to adapt these skills inside a work setting.
Team building is also effective for people who have not worked together before or to help integrate a group of new employees to the established group of venterans.
Your staffer will enjoy happiness while learning to understand being a part of the team and the positive energy from the good team.
Call us tell us what you like to achieve from the activities.
We will prepare every detail with best price.

What we would do and what you will get

Team building outline,games and activities of team work and biking adventure

1. Creat team atmosphere

2.Make the team members feel the power of the team through facing the challenging which has been specifically designed.

3.Increase the communication sense and cooperation spirit through the specific project

4.Unity of purpose

5.Make the member realize the dialectical relationship between personal target and company's target through the game project


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