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    The Wonder of Shanghai


    A Shanghai icon. The epitome of modern Chinese history. A panorama of various architecture styles. That's what usually comes to mind when talking about the Bund.

    Located on the west bank of the Huangpu river, the Bund is the most recognizable architectural symbol of Shanghai. It covers a 1500-meter stretch along the Huangpu River, running from the Waibaidu Bridge to the Shiliupu Passenger Dock, and is described as the Wall Street of China due to its row of banks and financial institutions.

      The very name "the Bund" conjures up an image of an extraordinary skyline of historic buildings and bustling crowds of travelers both from home and oversea. The tourists attraction on the Bund lies in its blocks of antique and graceful buildings. They were not designed by the same architect nor built at the same time, yet they harmonize in architectural tone, and the outlines were treated so well that no matter you walk in front of them or look at them from a distance, they all present visitors an air of dignity, elegance and magnificence. Most of the buildings belong to the style of neo-classicism and eclecticism, except the Sassoon House now(Peace Hotel) and the broad way Mansions (now Shanghai Mansions). When you take a stroll along the embankment, you will see pointed Gothic roofs, arches of ancient Greece, Baroque  columns, Spanish balconies, displaying before you the rich flavor of foreign lands, so unique and majestic. The Bund is worthy of its name as "a gallery of international architectures".

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    The bund area, once a terminal for docks and a lane for lovers, was closed in 2007 as the city planned to make it "as charming as the Champs Elysee in Paris." Now throngs of visitors can lean against river front barriers, where once stood concrete walls that permitted a less-open view of the river. Now people can walk along the broad new promenade. The promenade between a complex of high-rise buildings and The Huangpu River has been widened and the 11-lane surface road has been cut down to four lanes to make room for pedestrians after a 6- lane new tunnel opened beneath the Bund. Visitors can pose for pictures in front of "world architectural exhibition" with the modern skyscrapers of Lujiazui across the Huangpu River in Pudong New Area providing another backdrop.

    Tens of thousands of Shanghai residents and tourists swarm the Bund after the city's landmark site reopens. The bund and its surrounding neighborhood really have it all. legends old and new, historic monuments and fast-changing progress, slices of local life and brand-name luxury-all within walking distance.

    When dusk falls and lights are on, the hustle and bustle goes away, the splendid array of structures resembles misty ice palaces in a variety of colors, which  lure visitors to linger longer.

    Shanghai has been labeled as "Everbright City". When night falls, Shanghai is even dreamier with all the lights, woven with the moon and stars.

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