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    Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Centre

                                                       ART TELLS HISTORY
    Shanghai propaganda poster Art Centre is a museum created by a single individual,Mr Yang peiming.It is the sole institution in China and abroad devoted to the collection and research of Chinese propaganda posters.Its responsibility toward a remarkable period of history.
    This display of propaganda posters offers a stunning perspective on the thirty years of history following the establishment of a new China.This is a remarkable era of successive triumphs and extraordinary travails. Behind the smiling images on the surface of these artworks one finds the trials,tribulations and poignant aspirations of life.
    Here is a variety and quality of Chinese propaganda art seldom seen anywhere in the world.With the political propaganda of Chairman Mao era rising  to an unprecedented level,over the course of these decades untold number of fine arts workers had no choice but to place their creative efforts at the beck and call of singlular brand of political propaganda.The artists who created the propaganda paintings of this era poured their hearts and souls into the creation of a considerable number of very fine works of art,which became symbols of the era,preserving the hallmarks of this period of history.
    For numerous historical reasons,only a very limited number of outstanding Chinese propaganda paintings have been preserved. While virtually no comparable collections are to be found in museums and cultural institutions either in China or abroad, the museum's holdings incorporate more than 6000 different pieces.For each of the three high tides of Chinese propaganda art,outstanding works in the collection number some 300 or more items.This makes it ulterly unique.In 2014 the world's most influential tourist website ranked among china's ten highest ranking museum in the estimate of international travelers.
    The renowned modern Chinese author Ba Jin has written:"so many did not survive.But they have bequeathed their love,their fire and their hopes to us _ and through us to generations to come. Truly, love and fire _ and ,yes, hope - all these have been passed down through the hands of Ba  Jin's generation.Now,on our part,we must pass along everything, including our museum's collection of Chinese propaganda posters.May China's Propaganda posters forever bring to one and all a visual banquet of incomparable elegance,a dream that lives forever in the mysterious recesses of our hearts.


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