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    Taste of Shanghai


                                                                           Shanghai flavor Food

    Chinese cuisine, know as the "ninth art", ranks the first in the world, whereas Shanghai cuisine ranks high in China. This is the high appraisal of famous Chinese and Shanghai food made by foreign friends who are familiar with china and Shanghai.

    Shanghai culinary art is a gem in the nation's cultural treasury, one long well-know both at home and abroad.

    Shanghai, a city with a vast territory and rich resources, has various nationalities with different habits of different regions, the two main cooking styles of Zhejiang, Huai'an-Yangzhou and assorted local traditional food cooking styles have gradually developed.

    Using local produce, Shanghai is characterized by its ample use of gravies, oil and brown sauce. The original flavor of the ingredients is preserved. Its famous dishes are "braised catfish in soy sauce", cooked over a moderate flame and served with thick gravy, which is tender and savory; "meat cooked with brewer's grain in a jar", and "stir-fried fresh clover", which looks green and pleases visitor's palate.

    Some ancient restaurants sets up over hundred years ago, are noted for its local Shanghai flavor. The cookery of the restaurant is well-know for its stewing with soy sauce. Dishes worth mentioning are "sauce pork chop", "deep-fired pork braised in soy sauce with clover", "braised black carp chin and tail", "assorted three- flavor-dish" and " eight-treasure duck". Also there are popular snacks & Dim Sum such as Xiaolongbao, Wonton, Dumpling, Shengjian (Fried pork bun), Chunjuan (Spring roll), Youtiao(deep-fried dough stick), Dabing (roasted bannock), Zifan ( glutinous rice roll), Doujiang ( Soybean milk) and so on. If you want to taste the most authentic Shanghai cuisine you can join our

     Half Day Shanghai Foodie Bike Tour or Full day Taste Shanghai Bike Tour

    Shanghai leads the country in catering trade. To meet the various demands of visitors from all parts of the country and of the world, restaurants in Shanghai  also serve different regional cuisines, such as Beijing, Hongkong, Zhejiang, Sichuan and Fujian. You can find different flavor cuisine from different part of China in Shanghai.


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