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    ZhuJiaJiao Ancient Water Town 

    Zhujiajiao offers a chance for the visitors to experience the traditional folk life around Shanghai.It is a typical town in the region of Yangtze Delta,featuring rivers,bridges,narrow cobbled streets and residential house with white washed walls.Its simplicity and tranquility is something missing in the modern city.Located at Shanghai's southwestern Qingpu District,Zhujiajiao is a well- preserved ancient town on the shore of Dianshan lake.With its enchanting scenic spots and historic sites,it is reputed as big Shanghai's Back Garden.Although markets emerged here during the Song Dynasty(AD 960-1279),the town was officially set up during the reign of Emperor Wanli(1573-1630) of the Ming Dynasty(1368-1644).Zhujiajiao has long been know as the "Venice" in Shanghai with the whole town in a web of rivers. This fully display the rural culture of Shanghai.House were built alonge the rivers and canals and ancient stone bridges from the Ming and Qing(1644-1911) Dynasties.It is definitely a tranquil destination for those who have been living in the hustling and bustling city for too long.This ancient town seems have nothing to do with the metropolitan city - Shanghai.Because  houses are built by the river, you will notice that local people take their dinning tables and tea tables outdoor,enjoying beautiful sunshine.Strolling in the neighborhood is a lot of fun.And last but not least,take a romantic,relaxing gondola ride through the canals and stone bridges.You can then truly experience the charm of Ancient Water Town.
    For gourmets,fish dishes are a must,with fish and shrimp fresh from the lake.The very famous local specialty -Zharou enjoys a high reputation among travelers.Zharou,the bound pork,is of high quality of pork bound in leaves of fresh water reeds,which give special flavor to the pork.
    Zongzi,glutinous rice blended with pork,chestnut,soy source and wrapped in reed leaves is the food of the town,Every family in the town makes Zongzi and sells them to visitors.
    There are also other delicacies such as wonton soup,steamed glutinous rice dumplings and sesame seed cakes.In autumn,tourists can also try the fresh water crab from Dianshan Lake.

    Highlights of Full Day Zhujiajiao Ancient Water Town Tour

    Fang Sheng Bridge
    Fangshen Bridege (Bridge of Setting the captive Free) has five openings.It is the longest,largest  and tallest  stone bridge in Shanghai with a  length of 72ms,a width of 5.8ms,and a height of 7.4ms.It was built in 1571 with the fund raised by Cimen temple.As Buddhists used to set the fish or turtules free at this bridge,people call it Bridge of Setting the Captive Free.In order to get blessed, visitors  nowadays buy the captive fish or turtles from hawkers and set them free after worshipping.

    Great Qing Post Office
    A post office in the town is worth visiting because it is the best preserved  post office of the Qing Dynasty-era in the Shanghai region.Built in 1850, having gone through the stages of a private post office,a foreign post office,a telegraph office and a customs post office.It is now the only historical post office site in East China.It is also an epitome of China's post office in modern history.

    North Street

    Only one kilometer long,the whole street is filled with representative ancient building from Ming and Qing dynasties.Such a narrow street is said to have a thousand stores in its heyday,including more than a hundred rice factories,stores and agencies.Now many of them were turned into tourist shop selling snacks,antique furniture,silk and fresh water pearls.It's also a great stop for food lover.

    Kezhi Garden

    Kezhi Yuan (Studying and Farming Garden) is the largest manorial garden in the town.It is also called Ma's Garden since it was owned by Ma wenqing, a local offical during the Qing Dynasty.The garden consists of a tablet corridor,a pavilion for moon gazing,a stage and a lotus pond.It illustrates the life of the rich and powerful people of the time.

    Tong Tian He Chinese Pharmacy
    Funded during Qing Guangxu (1877) in Shanghai,This dispensary with nearly one hundred history has contributed a lot to society.

    Shanghai handicraft Zhujiajiao Exhibition Hall
    Integrated with the classical masters of craftsmen from all districts of Shanghai,Zhujiajiao is also the flagshop of all artistic shops on the north street area.

    Zhujiajiao Boat Rides
    Sightseeing boat flow at the slow pace accross the river and canals is liking walking in a beautiful painting.

    The above attractions featuring multimedia simulations of Zhujiajiao's ancient culture,maritime and agricultural history,are now open to answer question about what life was like for ordinary people in the days before recorded history to travelers.


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