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    Shanghai Muslims - Muslims in Shanghai

    Islam was first introduced to Shanghai in 1116,during the Northern  Song Dynasty.At that time, Islamic merchants from middle and west Asia reached Shanghai through the "perfume Waterway" and began to conduct business there,trading for perfume and medicine.With more Muslims settling in this area.Islamic tombs appeared west of the Songjiang County,and the year of 1295 saw the completion of the mosque there.As Shanghai prospered in 1843,activities expanded at the mosque located on the Fuyou Rd.In 1909,the Islam Board was formed; in 1929, the Islam Teacher's Training Institution was established: in 1962,Shanghai Islam Association was organized. Nowadays,there are 50000 Muslims in the whole city,representing 9 ethnic groups.
    In recent years, the Shanghai government has established Muslim schools, built up slaughter-houses,opened up the Muslim cemetery,properly established Islamic groceries, confectioneries and restaurants.so as to meet the needs of all the Muslims. Now there are six mosques in Shanghai.
    Shanghai AIslam Association is a patriotic organization.For 30 years or so, it has played an important part in assisting the people's government to carry out the policy of religious freedom,perpetuating Islamic tradition,stimulating Shanghai Muslims to support the national economic construction,promoting friendly relations between China and other nations,helping to safeguard world peace.Since 1982,it has run four "Koran study Classes".Nineteen promising youngsters,apt at the sacred text of Islam, have been trained to be possible successors of the imam.The association publishes the quarterly journal SHanghai Islam News.It sponsored the Shanghai Islamic Relics Exhibition,thus playing a positive role in developing ethnic culture and cementing close ties among Islamic circles.In addition, Shanghai Islam Association has many times held friendly talks with Islamic delegations both at home and abroad, and met religious friends from Hong Kong , Macao and Taiwan.In the meantime, the leaders of the association have helped to promote relations between the Chinese  Muslims and the Muslims of the world.
    Shanghai Huxi Mosque has become an important venue for religious activities of both domestic and overseas Muslims.The mosque was originally built in 1914.Now the mosque has become the largest of the six mosques in Shanghai.It occupies and area of 1650 square meters,almost doubling the original area.Reconstructed in Islamic style combined with modern architectural approaches, the mosque has been visited by thousands of Chinese minority muslims and hundreds of Muslims from Arabic people from all over the world.
    If you want to explore the Shanghai Muslims life and taste the authentic local Muslims food You can join our explore  Shanghai muslim life and food taste bike tour. or you can call +86 18616253582 for Muslims bike tour reservation.


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