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    Shanghai Seven Treasure Ancient Water Town

    Qibao ancient water town also well know as Seven Treasure water town.It located in the Shanghai's southwest,is only 20 kilometers from downtown Shanghai and a 10-minute drive from Xinzhuang.Once an ancient port and transport hub,the town flourished during the Ming(1368-1644) and Qing(1644-1911) dynasties.Its streets once speckled with a plethora of stores,restaurants and teahouses.Qibao is a typical Shanghai style town that has been restored to its original look.Our Full Day Qibao Ancient Water Town Tour is the best way for you to discovery the traditional customs and culture of Shanghai!
    A visit to the period block is a living reminder of history.The green Puhuitang River is flanked by old two-story houses erected with black tiles and white walls.The ancient-style stores and old buildings along the main street are selling a rainbow of goodies from trendy clothing and local slippers to traditonal snacks.Among the idyllic houses, some have concrete walls,some are paved with ceramic tiles and others are installed with metal-framed windows.Although travelers can still find complete wooden house with  black stone floors and narrow wooden stairs,the 450 families in the block live a lifestyle more familiar to the 1950s than the 21st century-residents do not have flush toilets and still cook with coal ovens.
    Though latedly renovated, this ancient block still has its original scale and glory,revealing the typical character of a riverside town.In a modern metropolis like Shanghai,this idyllic village is quite rare.Just like fine wine,vintage buildings always have their unique charm as time goes by.
    Qibao, an ancient town pioneers local cultural preservation efforts by promoting traditional festivals and customs.But why choose Qibao Town as a place to re-emphasize the festival's importance? The major reason is the town's long history.What is more, the local intend to revive the customs gradually forgotten by many.
    The twon was founded during the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127) and holding the festival in the town goes back more than 1000 years.Therefore,many traditional festivals and customs are also well preserved,especially Ghost Festival.
    At time,Qibao Town holds a series of ativities celebrating the traditional Ghost Festival(or zhong yuan Festival) which falls on the 15th of the 7th lunar month (usually in August).Residents of the Qibao Town have made celebrations since the early Qing Dynasty.
    In China,the Ghost Festival is rather special,because it is made up of a mixture of Taoism,confucian and exotic Buddhism.In some ways it can be regarded as the Chinese counterpart to Halloween because it also has something to do with ghosts wandering in the night.
    In addition, the Ghost Festival canbe considered as one of the best because from the days of its earliest origins,it is a festival that advocates children's filial piety towards their parent.And in China,filial piety has always been regarded as one of man's best virtue.
    Qibao Town is an important part of Shanghai's history- to understand Shanghai,one needs to understand this ancient town. 


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