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Shanghai Martial Art Museum Bike Tour

Chinese WuShu, with its profoundness and long history,originates from the universe and matures with its integration.It has combined the wisdom of Chinese people and the spirit of civilization.You will visit the world's first museum of history and culture of Chinese martial arts in every aspect, with a total area of 1680 square meters.Current collection of more than 2000 pieces included Tai Chi Box manuscript,Lu box outline, ancient bronze weapons.basic practice method book and use a variety of modern technology to show the martial arts culture.It also has a virtual fight game, if you want fight with Bruce Lee to see who would win? Get to know the basic spirit and theory of Chinese martial arts by join the tour!

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39 Che Zhan Nan Rd,Hong Kou District,Shanghai,China

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1st Jan to 31 Dec

morning 9:00

afternoon 1:00

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Depending on the group size,rider’s ability and weather conditions the duration of the tour may exceed that as stated.
All travellers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

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