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If our featured bike tours can not fit your particulars,please complete our easy-to-use customized tour inquiry form for a tailor-made Shanghai Holiday solution.Our enthusiastic tour expert will promptly  reply you and customize a tour 100% suit your interest.
And below are our recommend place or activities for our previous customs while we carry out tailormade trip to them.

Wash Painting Class
How about draw a wash painting picture of your trip by yourself with your own signature in calligraphy style at an artist studio?The master will help you with site instruction.you will have your own wash painting master piece as a souvenir to relive your life time.

Geomancy Discussion
Fengshui regards as the quintessence of Chinese culture.It is an art of finding a balance and harmony in the building ,office or living environment.Visit a famous geomancy master to delve into geomantic omen theory.

ShiKuMen Family Visiting
There will be a chance to dive deep into local neighbourhoods and explore historical alleyway of old downtown from 19 century in Shanghai.We want you to discover and immerse yourselve in the lives of local people.

Chinese Traditional Message
Foot reflexology or foot massage has long been a part of Chinese traditonal culture.It can restore your QI and give your body back in balance.Chinese medical massage is also the most common treatment for people who want in losing weight.with agile usage,simple manner,safety and practicality,it is honored"Greem treament".Often insist on massage acupuncture points,it will make you easily lose your weight and refresh your mind and body.

Tea Ceremony
We are not just providing you tea exploring Chinese tea culture in Shanghai.You will learn that tea ceremony is a kind of etiquette education and a type of ritual of moral cultivation Chinese tea history.Confucianism is the core of Chinese tea culture.And it intergate the ideology of taoism and buddhism.

ShiLiuPu Fabric Market
ShiLiuPu Fabric Market used to be the most common place to foreign vistors.Every day millions of visitors come here just to buy a piece of garment similar with famous brand but tailormade suit and the price is only ten a fraction of it.
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